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Lifted from Bellumsaur, because I should probably try to keep things a bit more active than my amusingly dry journal posts.  Some edits and tweaks have been made in the interest of clutter reduction and my own schedule.  I've got papers to write, and there's only so much artistic criticism I can manage this time of year.

The first 10 people who comment on this journal will have three submissions selected from their gallery and featured here. I'll try to provide a general explanation of why I liked the specific art (although if I really can't find anything I like, expect a round of damning with faint praise.  Fetish content and ideological dogmatism probably won't receive accolades, that's for sure.)

If you comment, please do the same thing in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot.  (This is moreso a gauge of viewer apathy than anything else.)

#1 Bellumsaur
Stand At the Mincio by BellumsaurMisc. Characters Part Deux by BellumsaurI Was Nice Today by Bellumsaur
He's still a developing artist, and consistency is still a few years off.  But with time, I've watched his lettering and panels become steadier, and his grasp of anatomy and angles will improve.

#2  Jettrainfan
The Waterfront Line by JettrainfanCVWS Local (HO Scale) by Jettrainfan Smoke at the Market    Bloody cold out it is, typical Cleveland. Lake Erie is just booing the Browns for yet another disappointing play. Could definitely do without the lake effect wind, my fingertips are already numb. I think the Penguins are gonna replace the Monsters at this rate, Baltimore still owes us anyway. Sports won’t warm me up though. The corner of Lorain Avenue and West 25th, you know the place? Westside Market, you know, where you have a better chance of winning the mega millions than getting a parking spot. If that ain’t the truth, then I ain’t freezing. Big building, beautiful interior. It’s a sardine canning factory, and you’re the product. Socializing ain’t my thing, but how can I turn away from a pizza bagel? Bratwurst are a fan favorite. There’s some candied popcorn over in the corner with other sweet treats. Several different cheeses for everyone’s pleases. Hog’s head and lamb chops. Heard someone mention they had gator
I have a weakness for railfanservice, good miniatures photography, and local short subject fiction.  There's quite a bit of good content here.

#3  Aristodes
The Kobold Apprentice, Part 1“Arjun, bring me the tongs, please” the blue-robed mage had just finished pouring the potion into one of his glass cylinders, and he needed to move it. Arjun, a tan-skinned reptilian kobold, had been his assistant and student for about a year now.
As a kobold, Arjun stood about one and a fifth meters tall, with a pair of horns growing from a lizard-like head. His snout was full of sharp fangs, and while he stood on the ground much as a human did, he balanced himself out with a small, ropey tail. His hands and feet were clawed, each with three fingers or toes, plus a thumb on each hand and a spur on each foot. Looking through the tool box, his crocodile-like, gold-colored eyes found a tool, which he handed to the mage.
“Thank y- hold on. These are calipers, I said I needed tongs, please.”
“Oh. Sorry, master.” Reaching into the toolbox, he pulled out the tongs and handed them to Tiberius, his teacher. The wizard was a human whose white skin, average bu
A Brief Look at HobgoblinsMost scholars recognize three basic goblin species: goblins, bugbears, and hobgoblins. The first of these are the weakest and most common, while the second are strongest as well as fewest. Hobgoblins are in the middle, neither the mightiest or most numerous, but easily the most powerful of the three. This strength comes in part from their superior intelligence, discipline, war making skills, but their greatest assets are their versatility and adaptability. While many other races are only capable of a single mode of living, hobgoblin societies readily change their societies to the demands of the time.
Hobgoblins are typically orange-skinned, standing about as tall as a human. They have ears and fangs similar to a “normal” goblin, and have similar hair and other features. They have nails on their fingers and toes, a good sense of smell, hearing, and better nocturnal vision than humans and many other sentient species. They are generally about as strong as humans but have sligh
The Foundation of DominusIntroduction: Before the Beginning
Dominus is a land located in a roughly circular valley, surrounded by mountains on all sides. About 4000 kilometers in diameter, the environment up is diverse and ideal for a variety of species and societies to live in. This is not a coincidence. Dominus is not a natural land, but one that was forged by magic. From the plains of the north, the swamp to the south, the silver mines of the southeast, and the desert of a volcanic rift in the extreme northeast, Dominus is a land of many lands.
The Cosmic Lords
The creators of the land of Dominus are a group of archmages known as the Cosmic Lords. This group is very mysterious and ancient, but what is known is that they pooled their magic to create a pocket dimension known as the Cosmic Circle. In this circle, they case a spell over a large, circular swath of land, a spell designed to make reality in that land malleable to their will. Using their magic, they then created a book, known as the Book of Destiny

Ah, kobold stories.  I'm selecting the fantasy literature and setting material because it's probably the best thing in the gallery.
#4  TheFarcasPaul
Night train by TheFarcasPaulNight in the mountains by TheFarcasPaulHunyad castle at night by TheFarcasPaul
Romanian railfanservice, an amusing fictional setting, and some nice vehicular artwork.  I don't know why I like the nighttime images so much, maybe it's because the shading effects are significant.
#5 SavagingDragon
Operation Chastise - Dambuster raid by SavagingDragonFeeeesh! by SavagingDragonCaernarvon, British Heavy Tank (Tier 8 WoT) by SavagingDragon
An artist I've known for quite a long time, with contact dating back to before the era of the Fanservice Reduction Act.  For some reason, I feel increasingly apprehensive about their art as the subject matter has shifted over the years.  They're a good artist, but I'm worried about the apparent grooming situation over on FurAffinity...
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I'm a part-time artist, electrical engineering graduate student, slide rule collector, railfan, watcher of mecha anime, avid reader, and geek-of-all-trades.

Primary Characters: Tankaa Kumawani (anthro pliosaur), and Ori Hadar (anthro D&D-type blue dragon).

I do not take requests. People who I'm on good terms with tend to get a bit of giftart, though. I'm currently too backlogged to do trades.

I usually do not RP. I've had too many bad (or simply horrifying) experiences with it.

Current Residence: Northeast Ohio, USA
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